Uncrewed Traffic Management System (UTM)

Uncrewed Traffic Management System (UTM)

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Uncrewed Traffic Management System (UTM) from Italy, produced by Leonardo


Leonardo, leveraging on its extensive experience in the implementation of Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems, is ready to deploy an Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) system, relying on new technologies and a high level of automation, to efficiently and safely manage the rapidly growing civil applications of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Our system can provide, among others, the following services: public registration of drones, communication, route and mission planning, conformance monitoring, dynamic geo-fencing, ground based safety nets and contingency management.

ENAV, the Italian air traffic service provider, is at the forefront of UAS (Uncrewed Aerial Systems) regulation and has launched D-Flight, a company held by ENAV, Leonardo and Telespazio. The task of D-Flight is to implement the U-Space platform, developed within the European SESAR programme for Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles Traffic Management (UTM).


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