Max takeoff weight(kg):8.70
Payload cap(kg):1.10
Drone Name:TRACKER120
Maker:Survey Copter

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TRACKER120 from France, produced by SURVEY COPTER (A subsidiary of the Airbus group)


The TRACKER 120 drone aircraft makes it possible to carry out different types of intelligence, surveillance and inspection missions, both for military and civil applications.
The TRACKER 120 has a flight autonomy of 90 minutes. It is therefore perfectly suited to carrying out tactical intelligence missions.
Launched by hand and powered by 2 electric motors, the TRACKER 120 is a system characterized by great visual and acoustic discretion. Transportable in backpacks, the TRACKER 120 is qualified for use in severe environmental conditions
Equipped with the EO/IR T120 gyro-stabilized turret, the TRACKER 120 provides high-quality, perfectly stabilized images in real time, enabling intelligence missions to be carried out effectively day and night.
Its implementation is easy and quick (less than 10 minutes). The ground station (single-station or dual-station) benefits from all the know-how acquired by SURVEY Copter in terms of ergonomics and the man-machine interface. Its use is therefore extremely easy, allowing the two operators to permanently control the automatic flight of the drone, while operating in real time.

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