Starling X.2

Starling X.2 Starling X.2 Starling X.2 Starling X.2
Max speed(km/h):72
Max takeoff weight(kg):25.00
Payload cap(kg):10.00
Drone Name:Starling X.2
Maker:DraganFly Innovations

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Starling X.2 from Canada, produced by DraganFly


The next-generation UAV communications solution conceived through ingenuity, and designed through collaboration.

Starling X.2 combines Promo Drone’s innovative, patent-pending UAV communication platform with the exceptional stability and maneuverability strengths of Draganfly’s Commander 3 XL drone.

Together, this winning system strategically reimagines promotion and communication platforms across multiple sectors to deliver crucial information in new and satisfying ways.

Starling X.2 offers versatile functionality across various locations and missions, including sports, advertising, disaster management, and public safety, providing innovative and impactful ways to communicate information to the public.

Dragonfly also supply other kinds of drones, such as  Heavy Lift Drone, Commander 3 XL Hybrid,Commander 3 XL Drone, etc. See more on

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