Stalker XE

Stalker XE Stalker XE
Max speed(km/h):94
Max takeoff weight(kg):10.00
Payload cap(kg):2.50
Platform:Stalker XE
Maker:Lockheed Martin

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Stalker XE from USA, produced by Lockheed Martin


Stalker XE is a small, quiet, unmanned aerial system (UAS) that provides unprecedented long-endurance imaging capability in a variety of environments. Optionally powered by a ruggedized Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Stalker XE uses propane to achieve 8+ hours of operation. To support the needs of the mission, the system can also be easily reconfigured in the field to a battery powered option that provides 4 hours of endurance. Launch options include bungee, rail, or vertical take-off/landing kit. Stabilized pan, tilt, zoom electro-optical, infrared, and low-light cameras with the ability to lock and track targets provides state of the art imaging capabilities in a small UAS for operations in both day and night. The system provides accurate, geo- referenced imagery in a variety of user formats.

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