Shadow Version 2 (RQ-7B v2)

Shadow Version 2 (RQ-7B v2) Shadow Version 2 (RQ-7B v2) Shadow Version 2 (RQ-7B v2) Shadow Version 2 (RQ-7B v2)
Platform:Shadow V2
Maker:AAI Corporation

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Shadow V2 from USA, produced by AAI Corporation


Today’s Shadow Version 2 (RQ-7B v2) is an all-digital system, optimized for new multi- mission, single-sortie profiles and manned/unmanned teaming, and paired with our interoperable Universal Ground Control Station (UGCS) and remote products for collaboration across the battlespace.

The Shadow TUAS is the only system of its size in the world to have surpassed one million flight hours. With increased endurance and payload capacity over previous versions, the Shadow v2 TUAS delivers an in-field advantage with setup in minutes. The Shadow v2 TUAS delivers multi-mission support, including a high- bandwidth, encrypted data link to carry a range of payloads from high-definition video to secure control for prosecution missions. The system provides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, communications relay and optional laser designation, and is optimized for manned/unmanned teaming. Textron Systems supports the Shadow TUAS with skilled operations, training, supply chain management, sustainment and upgrades — all reflecting our more than 30 years of UAS experience.

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