Precision Delivery System

Precision Delivery System Precision Delivery System

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Precision Delivery System from Canada, produced by DraganFly


Revolutionizing UAV Integration and Support to First Responders in Critical Situations

This cutting-edge platform combines advanced technology with precision engineering, offering unparalleled efficiency, speed, and reliability for delivering essential supplies and equipment to the front lines.

With its innovative drop-down winch system, quick-release delivery box, and POV cameras Draganfly empowers first responders with versatile tools to save lives.

Drop-Down Winch System

The Precision Delivery System features a sophisticated drop-down winch that enables safe and precise delivery of vital supplies and equipment into hard-to-reach locations. First responders can rely on the system’s precise control to safely lower or retrieve payloads, ensuring timely delivery during critical situations.

Maximum Weight:5 kg

Minimum Weight:1 kg

Tether Length:10 m – 30 m

Delivery Options:Drop-Release

Slowly lower

Quick-Release Delivery Box

The delivery box, equipped with a quick-release mechanism, plays a pivotal role in efficiently unloading essential supplies. Its robust construction ensures the security and protection of sensitive medical equipment and other critical items, while the quick-release feature expedites the delivery process.

Internal Dimensions:10″ x 12″ x 12″

Maximum Weight:7 kg

Delivery Options:

Bottom Release Latch Remotely deploy contents without landing

Front Release Latch Retrieve goods once drone has landed

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