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LUNA UAS from Germany, produced by RHEINMETALL


The LUNA drone system for unmanned aerial reconnaissance is an introduced system for monitoring, detection and positioning in real time. It has proven itself in operations around the globe – thanks to a flight time of 6 hours (optionally 8) and a range of >100km, which can be increased accordingly by means of SatCom.

The drone can be launched by catapult in almost any terrain, offers numerous payload options and is a cost-effective, reliable choice for military as well as civilian applications.

Ready for use quickly at any time

With its robust glass fiber composite construction and 40kg take-off weight, the high-performance motor glider can be made ready for take-off by few personnel and brought silently into the air via the collapsible spring catapult. Thanks to the greatest possible automation, operation is extremely simple and does not require any previous flying knowledge. The compact components of the ground station fit into cabins or small vehicles – which enables fast installation, e.g. by transport helicopter if necessary.

Always safe in the air

Powered by a low-noise two-stroke two-cylinder injection engine, the LUNA drone brings it to a service peak height of up to 5000 meters. It convinces with safe flight characteristics in every season and even in adverse weather conditions. A special feature is the driveless glide with subsequent restart of the engine. The drone can complete pre-programmed flight routes autonomously without signals from the ground station, alternatively it is remotely controlled – even with the help of a relay drone, e.g. if the area of application is in the radio shadow. The landing is done autonomously by differential GPS in the network or by parachute.

Well prepared for the future

Equipped with first-class optics, state-of-the-art optics for pilot vision and ground vision, the drone transmits real-time images and data. Further payloads can be attached to the swivelling payload standard platform according to demand and purpose – whether thermal imaging, near-IR zoom cameras, SAR, EW payloads or numerous other sensors.

The LUNA system is already equipped for the latest developments in aerial reconnaissance – and thus a safe investment in the future.

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