JX2 NG Aerial Target

JX2 NG Aerial Target JX2 NG Aerial Target
Max speed(km/h):216
Max takeoff weight(kg):35.00
Platform:JX2 NG
Maker:Kadet Defence Systems

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JX2 NG Aerial Target from India, produced by Kadet Defence Systems


Aerial Target System for air defence training, gunnery practice, surface to air and air to air missile training, weapon and radar evaluation.

  • Material – Composite
  • Propulsion – 2 Stroke Engine
  • Stabilization – Integrated Avionics with Digital Autopilot
  • Tracking & Telemetry – Integrated GPS, Autonomous Waypoint Navigation and Digital Telemetry Systems
  • Role Equipment-Scoring System, IR Flares, Luneberg Lens, ISR Camera Package
  • Made In India – Designed & Developed in India
  • Product Specifications
    • Wingspan: 2.5 Meters
    • Length: 2.6 Meters
    • Range (Los): > 40 Kms (BVR)
    • Endurance: > 45 Mins
    • Speed: > 60 M/S (Clean Configuration)
    • MTow: 35 Kgs
    • Launch: Catapult
    • Recovery: Parachute

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