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ISS SPOTTER from France, produced by Tonner Drone



To ensure the safety of goods and especially of the public during occasional events or situations, the ISS SPOTTER® Wired captive drone is an essential reinforcement by integrating with the existing or circumstance security device.

Aerial and continuous shooting, incident anticipation, threat prevention, flow, people and vehicle management… It offers a complementary panoramic point of view to accompany security officers in their mission.

Thanks to the high level of performance of its sensors, it makes it possible to adapt the response to threats in real time. Very convenient to carry and install with your video suitcase, it can also be used in a mobile way and be deployed to assist in crisis management.

ISS SPOTTER® Wired brings a new and complementary vision for safe informed decision-making.

ISS SPOTTER® Automatic

Optimal security against threats, the ISS SPOTTER® Automatic is an innovative, intuitive and ergonomic solution that easily integrates with your existing surveillance system. Particularly suitable for securing industrial and sensitive sites, this automated drone helps the security officer detect intrusions and other incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while protecting facilities and personnel.

With its 3 modular operating modes (Click & Go, automatic round and doubt relief), the autonomous drone offers a precise aerial point of view to quickly characterize the threat and adapt the intervention. Easy to use, easy to handle, it accompanies the security guard in all circumstances.


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