Fly Range(km):1.00
Max speed(km/h):43
Max takeoff weight(kg):1.80

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eXom produced by SenseFly (Ageagle acquires Sensefly from Parrot)


A drone by senseFly (a Parrot company). Known for professional mapping and industrial inspection.

The ultrasonic sensor is used to maintain altitude, by emitting sound waves and then measuring how long they take to be reflected back up from the ground. The visual sensor – the drone’s secondary camera – maintains X/Y (lateral) positioning by identifying details on the ground, then keeping the quadcopter centered relative to them.

The eXom utilizes the same principle, although it has five of each type of sensor. These are situated on its left and right sides, underside, rear end, and forward/upward facing camera head. As a result, it can sense the proximity of objects around it in a full 360 degrees.

Its camera head rotates to provide a 270-degree field of view, and along with its two sensors is also equipped with both an HD video/still camera and a thermal-imaging camera. The latter suggests that the eXom is aimed largely at industrial use, along with the fact that the company suggests it could be used for tasks such as inspecting the underside of bridges.

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