Drone Name:DVF2000ER
Maker:Survey Copter

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DVF2000ER from France, produced by SURVEY COPTER


The DVF2000ER Lightweight Tactical Drone allows you to carry out different types of intelligence, surveillance and inspection missions, both for military and civilian applications. Thermally powered drone, the DVF2000ER has an autonomy of 8 hours of flight. It is thus perfectly adapted to ensure long intelligence missions.

Global security is about anticipation, adaptation and responsiveness. To face asymmetric threats, uncharted, sensitive and extreme operating environments, it is necessary to

have multi-missions solutions able to:

  • Perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions
  • Strengthen coastal surveillance
  • Monitor high value targets (HVT)
  • Measure and analyse battle damage assessmentsOperating light tactical UAS enhances field and/or maritime capabilities to support decision making in operation.DVF2000ER is a robust, long-lasting endurance solution adapted to fulfil missions from the field, rear base or coastal command post:

    • 7 hours continuous flight
    • Operating temperature up to 40° C
    • Discreet for long range detection
    • Real time day and night video
    • 360 degree panoramic coverage
    • Simple user interface
    • Small logistic footprint
    • Fully automatic recovery on a semi-prepared runway

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