DraganFly Commander2

DraganFly Commander2 DraganFly Commander2 DraganFly Commander2 DraganFly Commander2 DraganFly Commander2 DraganFly Commander2

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DraganFly Commander2 from Canada, produced by DraganFly


Our patented carbon fiber folding airframe and wide range of interchangeable payloads makes this system a must-have in your toolkit for capturing high-resolution imagery. The Commander2 is the ideal choice for numerous applications across many industries including agriculture, public safety, and aerial 3D modeling.

Paired with powerful MAVLink-based flight planning software, the Commander2 supports both fully- and semi-automated missions, as well as manual flight operations with a pilot in the loop for a high level of system control to handle any operational task.

Fully Customizable

Backed by 24+ years of UAV engineering and development, the Draganflyer Commander2 is fully customizable. You can select from a turnkey product or work with us to design and customize a tailor-made solution built exclusively for you. Choose from a wide selection of interchangeable payloads, which can all be quickly and easily swapped between flights. With sensors such as high-resolution RGB with optical zoom, Multispectral, Thermal IR, and Hyperspectral, we work with the very best on the market – MicaSense, FLIR, Sony, and Corning, to name a few. Because we own the design and manufacturing process of the Commander2, we offer engineering and integration services to fully customize the system to meet your operational requirements – we even offer integration for specialized sensors, so let us know what type of sensor you want to work with, and we’ll offer you a solution.

Solutions for Every Industry

Researchers, universities, producers, and enterprise organizations can use the Draganflyer Commander2 for large projects that require long flight times and high-resolution detailed imagery, like crop health assessment, irrigation monitoring, and yield optimization.

Public Safety

Fire, police, emergency management services, and hazmat units can use the Draganflyer Commander2 multi-rotor to gain visual oversight during critical missions like search and rescue or to gather data for large-scale operations like site monitoring and collision reconstruction.


Mining, oil and gas, construction, and electric companies can use the Draganflyer Commander2 quadcopter for environmental impact and infrastructure assessments, and inventory and volumetric measurements, all without putting personnel at risk or shutting down operations.


Insurance carriers, adjusters, and commercial property owners can use the Draganflyer Commander2 for jobs that require high-level visual assessment and data collection. Whether it’s site management, accident reconstruction, or tower, infrastructure, or real estate inspections, the Commander2 can help get the job done quicker and more safely than when using traditional methods.

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